Homeschooling has many benefits. Parents who do not conduct classroom lessons at home often don’t understand that this is indeed a privilege for many reasons. To be able to control your child’s education on your own is a wonderful experience. Of course, there are many mandated guidelines, but overall you have a lot of freedom of choice. Meanwhile, you get to spend more hours per day with the little ones. Parents of children who attend public school often complain how little they see them, especially given all the after-school extracurricular activities. They protest that the kids are never around. Then you worry if they will be safe walking to and from school. You can decide which sports your children should play and how often. You can set up your learning environment anywhere in the home and make it comfortable and suitable for everyone. It can be a den, a rec room, a spare guest room, or the basement. As long as you have desks or a table and chairs, you are ready to go. You can also decide when to allow for a vacation and how much is acceptable.

Like public school children, homeschool students love their vacations. When your parents dictate when and where to go, you can avoid the crush of people on normal holiday breaks. Anyone who has driven home from a 4th of July or Thanksgiving weekend knows about snail crawling traffic. I like the idea of camping off season which means not on a holiday when it is overrun. The kids love to sleep outside, cook over a fire, and maybe fish or swim in a stream. There is always hiking and playing games. It is one of the favorite family pastimes and number one choice for vacations. We own all the right gear. Last time we went, we bought an oil filled heater because it was late fall and beginning to get a little cold. These are handy portable units that provide just enough warmth to take the edge off the cold. An oil filled heater comes in many sizes for use in the home. You will want to find a portable outdoor model and you won’t ever need a generator.

Don’t feel bad that homeschooled kids don’t make friends. It isn’t true. There are family members their own age, neighborhood kids, and members of clubs to which they belong. When we go camping, one or more of them is invited. It is a big group event which makes it special as one of our yearly vacations. Sometimes the kids beg for an additional outing and they select other friends to go along this time. Homeschooled children are closely knit family members given that they share a classroom. This is another of the big advantages of the practice. When you add up all the benefits, it makes this method of teaching superior in many ways. You may not realize it until you try it, but for now, take my word for it.