As much as I love sharing my homeschooling experiences with you, sometimes homeschooling is just too time-consuming and then I end up neglecting this blog. But I’m happy to be back! And I look forward to sharing some more of my homeschooling experience with you guys!

Yesterday, we had a literature class. I assigned my kids to read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This is a very famous book that has been adapted to various art forms, including play, film, opera, ballet, etc. In fact, together with the novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, The Little Prince recently became the world’s most translated non-religious book (translated into 300 languages!). Basically, the story is about a young boy that visits many planets, including Planet Earth, and he discusses issues like friendship, love, loneliness, loss, etc. I really love this book because it’s good for both adults and children, as the observations on humans and human nature in general that this little boy makes are very sharp.

The little prince meets different people during his journey and as he engages in conversations with them, he shares some very deep observations. However, while we discussed this, the kids were inattentive and kept chatting about different things instead of talking about the book, things like getting our new water heater for some reason. But my youngest one was very interested in the assigned book, and especially in one of the people that the young prince meets, the so-called Lamplighter. He is stuck in chores, performing them with no end in sight. The young prince likes this man, because he is hardworking, and unlike the Business man, the Lamplighter’s job is actually useful to the others. But the young prince is confused why this hardworking man simply cannot find the time to get some rest or enjoy the many great things that exist on his planet, for instance, the beautiful sunset. So my little one says to me: “If the Lamplighter was my dad, I would be so sad. I would rarely be able to see him”.

Despite homeschooling being so time-consuming and even stressful at times, it is moments like these that make me feel confident that it’s worth it. I wouldn’t want to miss my kids growing up and I want to be part of their life. I love that I am able to spend all this time with them growing up. It is part of the joy of motherhood.