If you are an enterprising mother, you can solve most problems with a little ingenuity. If not, you ask another mother who has encountered a similar situation. Whatever the issue at hand, it can be handled. For me, it was a bout of rebellion from my kids. After the required schooling for the day (I do it at home), I like to reward my children with milk and cookies, a recess in the front yard usually involving a ball, or a swim in the pool. I often need motivation for them if we have been having long lessons and their little brains are getting taxed. The b is, they are complaining that the pool is too cool and they could care less about swimming. There is one big source of motivation gone. It had always worked and they loved splashing around together in the   blissfully warm water. It was almost like a free form bath except that it was in an above ground pool.

When we first got the pool, they were ecstatic. They had hoped for an in ground pool, but after a while they hardly noticed. This is a good thing since the cost difference is significant. A pool is a pool is a pool if it is big enough for a bunch of kids and maybe a stray parent or two who is taking on a supervisory role. So for a long time, the sessions in the pool were a big treat, but then the weather changed and the water wasn’t particularly appetizing. I had to look at the budget and see if I could spring for a special heater for an above ground pool. In doing my research, I found many varieties, and some affordable. I looked for special offers and discounts and was successful. All of a sudden one day, there it was: a glorious new heater. I coaxed the kids in the water as they weren’t quite sure what this meant. After a few moments, I heard squeals of glee. The water was sufficiently warm to keep them toasty, even on a chilly day. My motivating tactic was back. Sure, they had to get out of the pool into the cold air, but they immediately jumped into a big fluffy towel and ran into the house to change for the afternoon’s lessons. I was pretty pleased with myself that I had solved the problem in an easy, simple manner. Sometimes all it takes is money.

Now the kids sit attentively in class, especially if they know a bit of swimming in the above ground pool is coming their way. They even like it during time off from teaching on weekends and will invite their jealous little friends. So not only is the pool for recess, but it is a social focus in the neighborhood, too. Getting the heater was a great decision and well worth every penny. All I have to do now is to buy more towels for our guests.