Homeschooling is not that uncommon and parents who elect to go this route know how much responsibility is involved. You have lessons plans and extracurricular activities that pepper the day with variety. I am sure you give it a lot of thought before you undertake this option. But there are so many benefits. You control the time allotted for teaching and the order of the material. You decide what to include and what to eliminate as long as you more or less follow basic state education guidelines. You can customize the work for each child and cater to his or her capabilities. Each child’s temperament will dictate how successful you are. If you have an inattentive child, your work is cut out for you. You have to have the know how to control the situation. How do you get that kind of experience that every classroom teacher has? You learn as you go. You rely on instinct a great deal. Once your homeschooling program is underway, it should flow smoothly without glitches. But once in a while you get burnout and need a personal break.

You can create vacation days to give yourself time off. You can alternate lessons with sports activities to use up the children’s pent up energy. You can invite another parent or a family member to take over for a day or two. All you have to do is provide instruction. Then you can go off and do errands, have a pampering day, or visit friends. When I want a quick respite, I call recess and then I have a glass of wine. This is usually toward the very end of the school day. We have a wonderful wine fridge loaded with bottles collected from numerous wine tours. It is something we like to do when on vacation. So the wine fridge is always stocked and ready to provide me with a glass of relaxation. You might say I have become a wine aficionado. I don’t teach while drinking of course. Only when the kids are playing. It is called taking time for yourself. We bought the wine fridge some years ago and are glad it is on the larger size. This way if you are at a winery and want to buy a case, you have a place to put it. It is all about unwinding and a glass of wine makes it very easy to do so. You can add some cheese and crackers and there you have your late afternoon snack.

The kids could make fun of their wino mother but they know they shouldn’t. I only do it once in a while when I feel particularly exasperated. The kids get it because dad does the same thing. He indulges in his favorite Cabernet when he comes home from work. The kids have come to expect it. The kids have their outdoor games to unwind, and mom and dad have wine. The only problem is that it is so hard to choose which one given the assortment we have amassed.