When my kids get sick, I feel as bad as they do. I almost mirror their symptoms. It is the plight of a mother. You do everything you can to keep them healthy but you don’t always succeed. Inevitably in spite of vitamins, good nutrition, and plenty of exercise, they come down with something eventually. You know all the childhood diseases. They are prone to them all if they play with other children who pass them along. If you are lucky you will miss chicken pox or measles, but don’t count on it. It happens. Meanwhile your own kids expose each other. It helps that they don’t share a classroom with public school students. Even a little cold circulates like wild fire. Homeschooling has its many benefits and not that you get to control the lessons.

My youngest son came down with a stomach virus in the middle of the night not long ago. It resulted in repeated vomiting. The bed had to be changed of course at a most inconvenient moment. The poor child was moved temporarily to the sofa. As I washed and changed the sheets, I realized how lucky I was to have purchased a mattress protector, and a good one at that. It is sturdy plastic and easy to wipe down. It is not the fabric kind you can wash in the machine but I think it provides superior protection. So I performed my midnight chores and put my son back in bed and added an additional towel just in case of another round of sickness. But no, he was fine from that point on and slept through the rest of the night. This didn’t apply to me, however. I was wide awake from changing the bed and my concern about my son. I felt I had to be ready in case it showed further symptoms. It can take hours before a stomach virus passes. At least it isn’t contagious and three was no concern for the other children. This was the only good thing about this incident. They slept right through the whole ordeal and didn’t find out what happened until morning. Much sympathy made the rounds and my son also got to avoid homeschooling the next day. He was restored to his normal self one day later.

When you buy a mattress, often a cover comes with it. If not, just ask for one to be thrown into the deal. Many sleep shops offer them as a perk, or if not, at a discount. They will put it on for you before they deliver the bed. This saves you the hassle as it is not an easy task. A good mattress protector will also safeguard the sleeper from dust mites and other stray critters. I can’t even imagine what is in an old mattress that never had a cover. It should be automatic and recommended by the store. They shouldn’t let a buyer leave without one.