Why We Homeschool

There are plenty of reasons to homeschool your kids, and all of them are valid. As parents, we are our children’s first teachers, and we do know our kids best. Below are the reasons Karrie and I both started homeschooling, a decision neither of ushas ever regretted.

Karrie started homeschooling her oldest, Lilly, because she was having a really tough time in school when she started middle school. She was being bullied in two of her classes (by the same student). After several meetings with both the school and the other child’s parents did nothing to alleviate the situation, they moved Lilly’s schedule around so that the two students wouldn’t have class together anymore—nothing like rewarding bullying behavior and punishing the victim, right? To nobody’s surprise, the bully started waiting at Lilly’s locker and spreading hurtful rumors instead. A suspension for the aggressor only made the situation worse. Lilly would cry and beg Karrie not to go to school. Tired of seeing her daughter in so much pain, Karrie appealed to the school district and learned what she had to do for Lilly to be homeschooled. We are happy to inform you that Lilly has enough school credits to graduate high school a year early and is looking forward to touring colleges this year with her parents. Her three younger siblings also asked to be homeschooled, for reasons of their own.

My son Max was not being challenged at school in the second grade. He would get bored, and lacked focus and attention. I would get calls to meet with his teacher because of one thing or another that he had done (or didn’t do). When I would sit down with him to look over his homework, he would tell me about how babyish he felt his assignments were. When I looked at it, I felt the same way. He asked me why he was always punished for understanding the work before everyone else. I didn’t really have an answer to that. Poor Max would finish his “babyish” work quickly and then was forced to sit and wait for everyone else to catch up. It wasn’t much of a surprise that he was getting in trouble. Leave an eight-year-old boy to his own devices long enough and he is bound to do something you don’t want him to. I have another son, Lewis, who was four when this happened. I decided not to register him for kindergarten and both of them have been homeschooled for the last two years. My so-called troublemaker Max is reading at a sixth grade leveland is above grade level in math, science, and Spanish. I never have any problems with him doing his work, either. Funny how his behavior problems magically disappeared once he started a homeschool program, even with all the “distractions” around our house.

Our kids are happier. Karrie asks all her kids every summer if they’d like to enroll back in public school and they always say no. They have friends in the neighborhood and through sports, scouting, and co-ops. They don’t miss it and either do we!