Being a parent means being attentive to all the particularities of each of your children. They are so different it is amazing. Some kids like to dress in a certain manner, and they insist on it, and some prefer only certain sports. You might have a child that loves cartoons while another prefers reading books. Each child is a gift and a treasure no matter what their idiosyncrasies are. You often wonder how you spawned such unique beings. But somehow they all coordinate to form a family.

Some of the differences have to do with health. A couple of my kids have allergies which means I can’t open the bedroom windows for fresh air. I have to keep the allergens from entering the premises, especially in the spring. I also have a problem when the heater is on in the winter because it generates dry heat that causes dry skin and bloody noses. This is uncomfortable for the children. For all these conditions, I have purchased a humidifier for the kids bedrooms, so we have a couple of them. They do a great job in controlling the ailments I have just mentioned. I looked far and wide for the best one I could find that wasn’t noisy and irritating. I got a console evaporative model at a modest price.

During the dry seasons, you can create a moisture-rich environment right in your home with a console evaporative humidifier. You don’t need a whole-house model as you might think, but a small one for each bedroom. If you get an 8-gal unit, it allows for significant daily output and maintains humid air throughout several rooms, allowing you to relax comfortably. An adjustable humidistat ensures that the room keeps a consistent humidity level, while the water refill and check filter indicators help keep your appliance working at its best. Maintaining a clean filter is easy with a check window that notifies you when it’s time to switch the old filter out for the new. Plus, the digital controls and display are easy to view and use for added convenience.

So a humidifier creates a pleasant breathable atmosphere. It is dry a lot of the time, such as the winter months with the heater on. You need to warm the house so it is a family requirement. There are many models and they run from one hundred to five hundred big ones. Given that we needed two, we went modest in our selection. One day when the electricity was off and the humidifier didn’t work, I sure heard a lot of complaining. The kids are used to it and miss the moisture. I suppose at some age they will outgrow the dry skin and bloody nose problems and we can dispense with the appliances. They were guaranteed to last a long time so if the kids’ health problems persist, the humidifier will keep on working effectively and efficiently. It is a good investment. Try it for yourself.